4000 Series “True” 2 Wire Videokits with Codelock (VX2300)

Category: 4000 Series “True” 2 Wire Videokits with Codelock (VX2300)

4000 Series “True” 2 Wire Videokits with Codelock (VX2300)

The 4000 series range of “True” 2 wire colour videokits with codelock (ESVKC series), are available with 1 or 2 buttons and as surface or flush colour videokits. The flexible design allows for up to a total of 4 videophones per call button with the facility for intercommunication between the videophones in the same apartment or intercommunication between videophones in different apartments. Each videokit is available with a choice of 5 different videophone options from the 6286 videophone or the 6388, 6488 and 6788 or 6788BL series hands free monitors.

Installations couldn’t be easier thanks to the common 2 wire BUS system (VX2300) using two non-polarity twisted pair wires (the system does not require coaxial cable). The videokits are ideal for small scale “1-to-1” installations or low-rise apartment blocks (up to a total of 12 apartments max. with the inclusion of additional 4000 series button expansion modules), but can also be expanded up to a maximum of 8 entrances where additional 2301N multiple entrance switchers are required.

Other key features of the videokit include: adjustable call tone, conversation time and microphone and speaker volume adjustments, selectable camera recall including external camera input. The combined speaker and camera module (4384-1 or 4384-2) entry panel has a built-in colour camera with white illumination LED’s that provides the best quality picture in any lighting condition. It also has a lock release relay (C, NO and NC) with selectable capacitor discharge, push to exit input, call progress reassurance tones and DDA compliant call progress LED’s: BUSY, CALL, SPEAK and DOOR OPEN.

The ESVKC videokits also incorporate a 4901 codelock module which has 3 programmable access codes, 3 relay contact outputs (C, NO and NC) with push to exit inputs for relays 1 and 2 only. The relays can be programmed from 1-99 seconds or programmed with 00 for latching output.


  • Surface or flush videokits with 1 or 2 buttons available (expandable up to 12 buttons)
  • Videokits available with either 6200 series, 6300 series, 6400 series or 6700 series videophones
  • Expandable up to 8 entrances (with additional 2301N multiple entrance switchers)
  • Call a total of up to 4 videophones per call button
  • Intercommunication between videophones in same apartment or between different apartments
  • DDA compliant call progress LED’s and reassurance tones
  • High quality colour camera with 4 illumination LED’s
  • Selectable camera recall facility (including external camera input)
  • Microphone, speaker volume and balance adjustments
  • 4901 codelock module with 3 programmable codes, 3 dry contact relays with blue back-lit numeric keypad
  • Codelock module with 2 PTE inputs (for relay 1 and 2 only)